Convert sensitive payment data into secure tokens

Payment tokenization can reduce Payments Card Industry (PCI) compliance efforts and costs. Integrate directly or leverage your partner’s integration for Discover® tokenization products.

How Tokenization Works

Replace PAN

Protect Information

Store Token

Secure Payments

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Tokenization Solutions

Make the convenience of online and recurring bill payments more secure by offering tokenization which replaces stored PANs with merchant-specific payment tokens.

Stored Payment Tokens (SPT)

Cloud Wallets

Why Use Tokenization?

Tokenization helps ensure the security of digital payments.

Increased Transaction Approval

Bullet pointPayment Tokens keep transacting in the case of card reissuance and can lead to higher authorizations. Customer does not need to update.

Enhanced security

Bullet pointPayment tokens can limit data breach exposure since they replace sensitive PANs.

Domain Restriction Controls (DRC)

Bullet pointPayment tokens can be restricted to specific channels, merchants, dates, and devices for additional security.

Cryptogram secures your tokenized transactions

Cryptograms are used to authenticate the token that is being processed by an authorized party and secure the transaction. Discover uses Dynamic Customer Identification (DCID) as the cryptogram: a three-digit code dynamically generated in relation to a token, in order to verify the legitimacy of a token source.

Secured tokenized transaction

Payment Account Reference helps track tokenized transactions

Payment Account Reference (PAR) is a non-financial reference value assigned to each unique PAN to link a Payment Account represented by that PAN and its affiliated Payment Tokens.

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Payment Account Reference

Identify your role in the tokenization ecosystem

Token Requestor

Typically a wallet or a merchant, a Token Requestor is a business entity that requests tokenization of a PAN received from a Cardholder (or already stored in a system).

Token Request Aggregator (TRA)

Typically a wallet, a merchant, or a Payment Gateway, a TRA is the Business Entity that codes to the token service provider and integrates its APIs. TRAs can interact with Token Service Providers (TSPs) on behalf of multiple Token Requestors and can integrate with multiple TSPs.

Token Service Provider (TSP)

A TSP is the business entity that creates tokens, safely stores the affiliation of tokens with PAN, and provides APIs for the TRAs to connect to.

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Stored Payment Tokens
Replace your customer’s Primary Account Number (PAN) with a unique, secure token at checkout.
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